With the Anti-Theft module, you can view the relevant camera images immediately after the gate alarm has been triggered. Who went through the gate? What did he take with him? These images are proof of theft. You can also see whether your staff responded correctly. More hospitality and a better customer experience make shops vulnerable to people with bad intentions. The Anti-Theft module shows which products or parts of your shop are susceptible to theft. This knowledge will help you to prevent theft.



Smart links allow you to quickly find the image you are looking for.



Anything you want to know about the situation, the perpetrator and the staff.



An excellent burden of proof and insight in possible areas for improvement.

  • All alarms of the security gates immediately on screen
  • Active alarm logging with image
  • Quick overview of the number of alarms per day/week/month

    What does your shop need?

    StoreWatch uses smart connectivity as a solid basis for your security. This makes expansion with specific modules simple and inexpensive.