This module links camera images to cash register transactions. You can see the smallest details In HD quality. This allows you to control, monitor and control your sales process in an excellent way. A wide range of search functions are available to you. You can quickly search for items, returns, receipt number, employee, discounts and loyalty.

Incidents, risk situations or fraudulent transactions come to light immediately. But also in the areas of efficiency, commerce and customer-friendliness, you can profit from these insights.



Every cash register transaction has its own, quickly findable camera images.



You get a clear and relevant picture of every checkout transaction.



No discussions but facts and thus efficient problem solving.

  • Finding transactions by product and cashier
  • Focus on sensitive transactions, such as returns
  • The complete receipt is visible for every transaction

    What does your shop need?

    StoreWatch uses smart connectivity as a solid basis for your security. This makes expansion with specific modules simple and inexpensive.