With the Portal module, you are always in contact with your shop, wherever you are. This allows you to safely start up the various applications that allow you to watch live or search through previously recorded images and events. All recorded images are available 24/7 and the many practical search functions ensure that you will find the answers to your questions in a targeted manner. This allows you to assess and eliminate risky situations, but also to improve the service and image of your shop, without having to be present yourself.



Securely connected to your shop, anytime, anywhere.



The applications and search provide quick insight into what you are looking for.



You improve the processes without needing to be physically present.

  • Access to all remote applications
  • Integration into highly protected networks is possible
  • Secure access to all locations from anywhere
  • Instantly view recorded and live images
  • GDPR-proof through `high security’ connection

    What does your shop need?

    StoreWatch uses smart connectivity as a solid basis for your security. This makes expansion with specific modules simple and inexpensive.