With Watch-it, you can efficiently follow up on alarms and other events that require it. Because Watch-it recognises critical events and then sends the corresponding image to a ‘dedicated’ employee, who can check and deal with the situation with a single click. This image does not disappear in a group mailbox but reaches the person responsible for follow-up. This can be someone on or off site. With Watch-it, reports can be produced and registered immediately via an automatic e-mail notification.



Alarms and critical events are reported as push messages.



A `dedicated' employee gets a good image of the event.



The short communication line guarantees the right response within the right time.

  • Insight into operational events by means of push messages
  • Remote locking guidance
  • Targeted actions thanks to optimal risk assessment
  • Customer care solution for unmanned concept

    What does your shop need?

    StoreWatch uses smart connectivity as a solid basis for your security. This makes expansion with specific modules simple and inexpensive.